Fitness Programs

There is a program for everyone… so many to choose from!  No driving to the gym and no finding a baby sitter.  Workout at home to a FULL program before the kids wake up (or before work), while the kids are in school or taking a nap, or after work for an energy boost.  It doesn’t matter WHEN you workout, just PUSH PLAY!

All the workouts are FULL programs and include a lot of great info and features, including:

  • Multiple DVD’s including Cardio, Strength, and Flexibility.
  • A Fitness Guide explaining what the program is & tips.
  • A Workout Calendar to show you what DVD to throw in on what day & to track your progress.
  • Nutritional Guide with recipes and ideas to keep your nutrition on track.
  • On-Line Support Forums
  • A FREE Coach for motivation and support!

I would love to help you find the perfect program for you!  What are you waiting for?




Feeling a little overwhelmed by the # of programs available?  Don’t forget, as your coach I would love to help you find a program the is right for YOU!