Oct 10

Does healthy food cost more?

You hear it everywhere, “Healthy food is so expensive!”  or “I just can’t afford to eat healthier”.  The same people that say that will stop off at a bakery or a local fast food joint and spend $6.00 on a meal for one person.  Why are we so willing to spend $1.69 PER COOKIE at the bakery, but think that $1.69 (give or take) for a pound of apples is WAY too expensive?


Now, I’m not saying I don’t go to the bakery on occasion and I’m not telling you that you shouldn’t go to the bakery (on occasion).  What I am saying is maybe we don’t have our priorities straight.  Food is supposed to be FUEL for our body.  It is supposed to give us energy and strength not make us drained and craving more junk.


You can then argue that you can eat off the $1.00 menu and spend $2 – $3 on your meal and you can’t make a meal for that price at home.  I CAN!  Go and buy a bag of brown rice (MAYBE that will cost you $5.00), 10 cans of low-sodium beans (about $12), and 10 avocados (about $10).  For under $30 you just bought yourself TWENTY meals!  That’s right 20!  Are you going to eat rice and beans everyday, NO.  But that’s not the point.  It can be done, you just need to get creative and find healthy alternatives.   I promise, you will feel better and be full longer when you choose a healthy meal over a ‘junk’ meal!


Healthy foods will fuel your body better and keep you healthier longer.  Less illness, less down time, less doctor bills.  Now which kind of food costs more money?


~Tally Ellis

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