I often get asked what my favorite ingredients are.  Here’s a look into my pantry. These are staple ingredients I keep on hand to help me create easy, delicious, and healthy meals and treats.  I LOVE FOOD!  I get a lot of my cooking and baking supplies from  They also carry a lot of household products I use as well…shampoo, lotion, makeup, toothpaste, etc.   Their prices are great, I don’t have to run around finding everything I want, and it’s fast, convenient shipping. Most of the time, if I order by 1:00 PM, I get my order the next day. Beats going to the grocery store.  Click HERE for $10 off your first purchase!


Coconut OilExtra Virgin Coconut Oil

My favorite oil! It can be used in baking, cooking, as a substitute for butter, and even a beauty product for skin and hair.  I personally use it in all my baked goods and sauté my veggies in it.

Is there anything coconut oil can’t be used for?



 Almond MilkUnsweetened Almond Milk

Smooth and creamy dairy-milk alternative with a mild hint of almonds. This is a delicious, low sugar addition to baked and non-baked goods. It’s surprising how much sugar is in diary milk.





 Oat FlourOat Flour

Great source of fiber. It can be used in baked and no-bake goods. Mixes well with other flours and grains to provide different/interesting flavors and textures.






Rolled Oats

Rolled Oats

I love these around for texture in baked goods and when I happen to not have oat flour on hand. Throw some in a blender and process until you have a fine powder.





Shakeology PicsShakeology

My favorite meal!!  More than a protein shake, more than a weight loss shake, and more than a simple meal replacement.  A healthy, whole food, nutrient dense shake that helps me supplement for my less than perfect everyday diet.  It has provided me natural energy, improved my digestion, and curbed my cravings which helped me lose some extra pounds.  The Healthiest Meal of the Day!



Liquid AminosBragg Liquid Aminos

One of my favorite seasonings/condiments!

A healthy, lower sodium alternative to soy sauce.  Bonus, it’s certified Non-GMO




Vanilla FlavorVanilla Flavoring

This creamy, rich flavoring gives a touch of sweetness to baked goods. I like to use it in my no-bake recipes since it’s alcohol free and doesn’t give the alcohol-y scent and taste. Delicious and flavorful!





 Almond FlourAlmond Meal Flour

Made from finely ground blanched almonds. It’s a great gluten free option and a great source of fiber.  It has a buttery flavor for baked goods and can be used as a breading for meats and veggies. Think chicken strips and zucchini fries. Yum!





  Coconut SugarCoconut Sugar

A healthy alternative to cane sugar. Lower on the glycemic index than cane sugar, agave, and honey. It’s delicious and high in minerals including potassium, magnesium, and zinc.   Unbleached, unfiltered, and preservative free.






HoneyRaw Honey

Great natural sweetener and alternative to cane sugar. It adds moisture to baked goods and is delicious for no-bake treats.  You would need to adjust the wet ingredients in baked goods since it adds moisture.  Unfiltered Raw Local Honey is also said to help with allergies!




 Coconut FlourCoconut Flour

A delicious, gluten free and high in fiber alternative to wheat and other grain flours.  It provides a great texture and flavor to baked and non-baked foods.  Mixes well with other grain free flours.





Unsweetened Coconut FlakesShredded Coconut

Finely shredded for baking and topping baked or non-baked goods. No added sugars or preservatives.




  Peanut ButterPeanut Butter

Vitacost is one of my favorite brands of Peanut Butter. I love that it’s organic and the only ingredient is peanuts. It mixes well and stays creamy (it doesn’t get a dry texture when storing in the refrigerator like many other brands I have used).




PB SlimPowdered Peanut Butter

Lower-fat peanut butter alternative.  Fat isn’t bad, but if you like peanut butter as much as I do, you may be eating too much. I love to put this in my shake for a yummy peanut butter flavor. It’s also a great addition to lower the calories in homemade granola bars, energy bars, or no bake desserts.  Sometimes I use this in combination with peanut butter.  Make sure you’re getting enough healthy fat in!




Balsamic Vinegar

A delicious condiment that I like to use on salads and veggies.  Mix balsamic and extra virgin olive oil and you have a simple and delicious salad dressing with none of the nasty additives.


 Lily CCLily’s Dark Chocolate Chips

Sweetened with Stevia, a zero calorie, natural sweetener.  Fewer calories with a natural rich flavor.







Enjoy LifeEnjoy Life Chocolate Chips

I love mini things!  These mini chocolate chips are delicious, dairy free, nut free, and soy free.  These are still made with cane sugar, but it’s a great alternative for those with allergies or intolerances.  These are better than typical chocolate chips, at least in my opinion.   Bonus, they’re GMO-Free.




 Himayalan SaltHimalayan Salt

Salt is important to your body, but it needs to be the ‘right’ kind of salt. Himalayan salt is one of the most purest forms of salt. It’s natural, unpolluted, and unprocessed so it still has the beneficial minerals your body needs.  Bonus, it’s a pretty pink color.




Rice VinegarRice Vinegar

I love Asian food and I love to use these in Asian inspired cooking.  It’s also delicious on sautéed veggies paired with Braggs Liquid Aminos and Honey.







Coconut Butter

Coconut Butter

Not just the coconut oil, this little gem is the WHOLE coconut! That mean fat, fiber, and deliciousness all in one little jar! I like to add it to my Shakeology because it not only adds flavor, it adds texture as well. Delicious in treats or even on a slice of toast.







Coconut NectarCoconut Nectar

Coconut Sap Nectar, yes please!  Looking at my list, you may think I’m obsessed with coconut. Honestly, I would never pick up a coconut and eat it, but it’s an awesome flavoring.  This is a low glycemic syrup that can be used as a syrup on pancakes or in your favorite desserts.  It’s a great for vegans and a better alternative to agave (which really isn’t that great for you).  If you’re worried it’s really strong, I don’t feel this has a big coconutty flavor. either.