Shakeology is more than a simple protein shake, it’s a one of a kind shake that is truly the  ‘healthiest meal of the day’.  With 70+ ingredients, Shakeology contains 23  vitamins and minerals in an easily absorbable formula.  Unlike other shakes, it  is not loaded with artificial sweeteners or refined sugars.   Shakeology is also  caffeine free, gluten-free, certified low glycemic index, and it tastes  delicious! I love it and look forward to it everyday! You can check out more nutrtitional info HERE.


What it did for me:

After about a week of drinking Shakeology, my  digestion started getting regular and I felt an energy boost.  My cravings for sweets and  carbs started to decrease and basically have STOPPED from about 1 month  into it!  Sure I do get the occasional craving once in a while (usually around  that beautiful time of the month), but it is significantly less than before.   Another bonus is that I rarely get sick and when I do it is a little runny  nose.  I don’t catch everything my kids and their cousins catch and I am  not down like I was before.

If you want to gain energy, regulate your  digestion, lose weight, lower cholesterol, or just be healthier and feel great;  Shakeology is for you!  You get everything you need in this shake for only about $4.50 a day!  There is also a bottom of the bag guarantee.  If after the 30 days, you find out that Shakeology is not for you, return it for a refund.  What do you  have to lose?  If you would like further information or to place your order CLICK HERE.  Make sure to order on monthly auto-ship to get super discounted shipping.  Want to save 25%  on your monthly Shakeology?  Check out the member/discount coach option.


I’ve said it before, I LOVE Shakeology! Chocolate was my first love, but recently have taken to Greenberry. Every morning I look at the bottom of the glass and think ‘if only I could get that!’ I truly think it is ‘lick the cup’ good! 🙂   I don’t always follow a ‘recipe’, but here …

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What Doctors Say

Hear what Doctors are saying about Shakeology…

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