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Sep 24

P90X3 Workout Program – Coming Soon!!

  P90X3… 30 minutes a day for 90 days.  I heard is more intense than P90X and P90X2 because it is a combination of P90X, P90X2, Insanity, and Les Mills Combat.  There are going to be 20 new moves which includes cardio and weights.  It has been group tested and the filming is already complete.  Reviews …

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Feb 18

Push-up Form

The push-up is an excellent whole body workout.  Push-ups can be done anywhere and require no equipment… what more could you ask for?  In order to get the most out of every push-up and to prevent injury, make sure to use proper form.  You may not be able to master proper form at first (I’m …

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Nov 21

‘Black Friday’ SALE!!

  P90X w/ 3 Shakeology Packets $99                                                                            Hip Hop Abs $24.95 TurboFire $53                                                                                                              10 Minute Trainer $59.90 Power 90 $44.90                                                                                                          Squishy Ball $3.95 Body Gospel $24.95 If you are like me and leery of clicking links on a blog, you can see all the deals on the Team Beachbody website at http://www.teambeachbody.com/shop/holidayoffer?referringRepId=116670 (this is where my …

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Nov 13

There’s NO ‘magic pill’!

Contrary to what people may believe, It doesn’t take a miracle to lose weight.  However, it does take commitment and drive… there is no ‘magic pill’.   It’s not about going on a strict 1100 calorie diet (please don’t do that).  You don’t have to ban your favorite food forever.  It’s not about killing yourself …

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Nov 05

Shoe, Shoe, which Shoe to Choose?

  I’m going to share a little secret that only my husband knows… Hello, my name is Tally and I am a shoe addict!  I LOVE shoes, but not just any kind of shoe, athletic shoes!  I even have a hard time parting with them… some are 5 years old, but I just can’t throw them out.  …

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Oct 11

Insanity: The ASYLUM Volume 2 released!!

<   INSANITY: THE ASYLUM® Volume 2 keeps your progress accelerating after Volume 1. It’s the next 30 days of pro athlete training designed to give you the elite mindset, skills, and body to dominate any challenge that comes your way. CRUSH THE COMPETITION. THE NEXT 30 DAYS. In THE ASYLUM Volume 1, Shaun T …

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Oct 01

Les Mills COMBAT Pre-Order

The latest HOME workout from Beachbody – Les Mills COMBAT – is now available for Pre-Order from COACHES ONLY! I SERIOUSLY want this program… it looks AMAZING!   It is the first home-based mixed martial arts–inspired workout program designed to get you a lean, chiseled body—in just 60 days! All of these fat-burning, strength-building martial arts …

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